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Amore Dog Shirt Collar and Tie


Your pup will look sophisticated and loving in this stunning Shirt Collar and Tie! The Amore Dog Shirt Collar is a perfect fit for when a more formal look is required.

Formal dress-up collar with detachable tie.
Interchangeable with all other detachable Pooch Outfitters dog shirt collars in the same size!
100% Cotton.
touch fastener closure.

Why We Love It:
Your little guy will go nuts over this stylish and sophisticated shirt collar from Pooch Outfitters! 100%, this tie features hearts of all designs. It's a perfect option for everything from Valentines events to formal tie events!
Sizing Information:
X-Small: 6-8" Neck
Medium: 9-11" Neck
X-Large: 12-14" Neck
XX-Large: 18" Neck
3X-Large: 25" Neck

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