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ABACA-DABRA Ball on Rope Dog Toy from WaLk-e-Woo

WEW 780

Keep your pets teeth clean while they play with this bright ABACA-DABRA Ball on Rope Dog Toy from WaLk-e-Woo in Pink, Yellow, and Green!

Made from hand woven "Manila Hemp"
Cleans teeth better than cotton
Food safe dyes
Naturally anti-microbial

Why We Love It:
The ABACA-DABRA Ball on Rope Dog Toy is great for fetching and tugging! Hand-woven from 100% ABACA, aka, "Manila Hemp", one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. Abaca is widely grown in the Philippines where this line of toys are 100% hand woven in a socially-responsible and Eco-friendly environment. The founder and current owner of Walk-e-Woo traveled to remote areas of the Philippines and met some talented artisans. They preferred to stay in their villages and use their age-old skills rather than move to the city and work in a factory, so it was a win-win proposition for everyone. After collaborating on designs, two years and two typhoons the Abaca-Dbara toy line is now a reality and the villagers can continue to live in their homes, earn a fair wage, and display their skills all over the world through these toys.
Sizing Information:
18" Length, Ball 3" Diameter

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